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Datasheet : Glo Brite self-adhesive photoluminescent vinyl

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Description :
Self-adhesive flexible vinyl with "High Intensity" luminous properties. Complies with PSPA requirements for safety signs when tested to DIN 67510 Part 1. Highly visible to the human eye in the dark after exposure to natural or artificial light. Gradual diminution of glow intensity over several hours. Can be re-charged by light any number of times. Retains luminous powers over indefinite period. Non-toxic, non-radioactive, lead and phosphorous free. No harm to health or the environment. Used for safety escape signs, panels, tapes, stickers, labels and coverings.
Adhesive :
Specially developed and tested pigmented high performance acrylic adhesive which exhibits excellent weathering properties.
Peel Strength :
(180 degrees peel at peel rate of 150 mm/minute)
Adhesive coated PVC/aluminium initial 24N/25mm (i.e. 0.96 kg/cm)
after 24 hrs 27N/25mm (i.e. 1.08kg/cm)
Adhesive coated PVC/painted metal initial 5N/25mm (i.e. 0.20 kg/cm)
after 24 hrs 19N/25mm (i.e. 0.76kg/cm)
Application :
Application on most clean, dry, smooth non-porous surfaces
Material :
Specially developed foil incorporating photoluminescent pigmentation, U/V stabilised, weather resistant and smooth. Weight: 600 grams m2.
Tensile strength :
(Tensometer jaw separation rate = 150mm/minute)
Force @ 20% extension 46.5N/25mm (i.e. 1.87 kg/cm)
Force @ break 96.ON/25mm (i.e. 3.85 kg/cm)
Extension @ break 150%
Thickness :
0.38mm adhesive coated, 0.48mm adhesive coated plus backing.
Luminosity :
Easily exceeds PSPA Class A readings of
10 minutes - 23 mcd/m2 ;
30 minutes - 7 mcd/m2 ;
60 minutes - 3 mcd/m2
Time to decay to 0.3 mcd/m2 - 450 minutes

When tested to DIN 67510 - charged at 1000 lux for 5 minutes and also when charged at 150 lux for 45 minutes.
Colour :
Darkness : Luminous
Daylight : Greenish yellow
Printing :
Silk-screen and offset. Printer should determine ink adherence requirements.
Handling :
Cutting can be done with conventional cutting equipment. Unglued vinyl can be HF welded, deep drawn or laminated.
Shrinkage :
Although Glo Brite vinyl is pre-shrunk, a certain amount of shrinkage is inherent in all self-adhesive vinyl products, due to variations in temperature and humidity etc.
Flammability :
Product life :
Indoors - same as for normal self-adhesive vinyl products
Outdoors - weather resistant
Service temperature range :
-30 to +70 degrees celsius
Cleaning :
Neutral and non-abrasive cleaners
Resistance :
Resists gasoline, grease, mild alkali and acids.
Shelf life :
Under normal conditions for self-adhesive vinyl products, approx. 1-2 years.
Warranty :
Manufacturer's and seller's only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of this product proved to be defective. Manufacturer and seller assume no liability for any injury, loss or damage direct or indirect from us of, or inability to use the product, since usage is beyond their control. Please note these values are used as typical values rather than as a precise specification since in practice some variation is likely, e.g. PVC thickness and weight, adhesive properties.
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