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Datasheet : Glo Brite self-adhesive photoluminescent paper

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Description :
Flexible Glow-in-the-Dark sheeting with "High Intensity" luminous properties. Material has pressure sensitive adherence protected by easily removable paper liner.
Features :
Provides a source of light in total darkness. Highly visible to the human eye in the dark after exposure to natural or artificial light. Gradual diminution of glow intensity over several hours. Rechargeable unlimited times by simple re-exposure to light. Retains luminous powers over an indefinite period during storage and when being used internally. Non-toxic, non-radioactive, contains no lead or phosphorous and presents no health or environmental hazards.
Uses :
Emergency Evacuation, General Safety and Caution Warning. Ideal for signs, marking tapes, labels, stickers and coverings for marking exits, stairways, corridors, hallways, directions, firefighting and emergency life-saving equipment, controls and hazards.
General applications :
Suitable for use in ships, oil rigs, power plants, mines, tunnels, sub-ways, civil defence shelters, hotels, motels, hospitals, office buildings, banks, factories, cinemas, theatres, schools, airports, restaurants, garages, warehouses, etc. Wherever the need exists to increase "safety" and evacuation.
Colour :
Neutral pale greenish yellow
Printing :
Silkscreen and Lithopress (laminating available to give durable protection to finished printing).
Handling :
Cutting with conventional equipment.
Cleaning :
Neutral and non-abrasive cleaners.
Storage :
1 to 2 years under normal condition for self-adhesive products.
Durability :
Indoors : Virtually indefinitely
Outdoors : Not for outdoor usage
Adhesive :
Pressure sensitive. Application to most clean, dry, smooth, non porous surfaces.
Physical properties :
Shrinkage 1%
Environmental properties :
Service temperature -45 degrees C to +80 degrees C
Application temperature +5 degrees C to +40 degrees C
UK manufacture available in roll or sheet stock
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