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Datasheet : Glo Brite water based Primer

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Description :
One component water based primer.
Recommended use :
Base coat prior to application of Glo Brite A85 Thixotropic water based photoluminescent coating.
Internal Wood, concrete, metal and brickwork
External Wood, concrete and brickwork - NOT bare metal
Physical constants :
Flash point NIL
Finish Flat
Colour White
Solids by volume 42%
Specific gravity 1.2 kg/litre
Practical spreading rate 6 square metres per litre. (Allow slightly greater spreadage rate for brush application and slightly less for spraying after thinning. Allow for porousity)
Drying time 2 hours at 20 degrees C / 68 degrees F
Recoating time Approximately 2 hours
Shelf life 1 year in dry place above 5 degrees C
Application details :
Conventional spray 1 coat @ 150 microns WFT
Brush 1 coat @ 100 microns WFT
Roller 1 coat @ 100 microns WFT
For best results it is recommended that 2 coats be applied when using brush or roller. Surfaces to be clean and dry with temperatures above dew point to avoid condensation. When measurement of wet film is not possible, dry film should look even, white and opaque.
Spraying thinning Up to 10% fresh clean water can be used for thinning. Note: equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with clean water. Recommended air pressure for conventional spraying is 30 psi.
Surface preparation All surfaces must be sound and free from oil, grease, dust and powder.
Health & safety precautions This primer presents no fire or toxicity hazard. Accidental splashes on the skin or in the eyes should be removed at once with fresh clean water.
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