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Photoluminescent material : information and advantages


Photoluminescent material stores light from conventional sources, whether daylight or electrical lighting, and glows in the dark. The material's glow is emitted without human, mechanical or electrical intervention. Photoluminescent safety products can be used in any building to provide a safe, reliables source of light and guidance to people in the event of lighting failure. Research into the benefits and uses of this material has concluded that it can be as effective as conventional emergency lighting in guiding people out of burning buildings for example.

Glow in the dark material saves lives

Photoluminescent material is dependable, and is a low cost solution that can help save lives. It can be used in paints, tapes, plastics or nearly any kind of product. These products do not require power, and so are the perfect solution for building safety escape systems. The material emits a strong, guiding light source even in the event of total power failure. Even in smoke, it offers good visibility and is extremely durable, remaining effective even in buildings where it has been in use for 20 years.

Applications of such material

A typical application of photoluminescent material is within the stairwells of buildings, where adhesive strips or tape is applied to the walls at floor level and at handrail level. Installation of stair nosing that illuminates the edge of each step is also vital to guide people safely down the stairs and to the exit. Use of arrow guidance tape is also beneficial, in a further attempt to guide people, who could be panicking, to a safe exit point within the building.

Positive reactions to use of photoluminescent material

Tests have shown that people respond extremely positively to the use of this glow in the dark material in safety escape systems. Tape can be installed in unbroken strips to provide a glow in the dark pathway to safety, helping prevent panic and disorientation. The ability to apply this material at any level on the wall is extremely beneficial also; strips applied close to the floor allow good visibility in smoke, as they are less likely to be obscured by rising smoke. The human benefits of this material are clear, as are the economical benefits with the installation of cost-effective signs saving businesses thousands of pounds in maintenance, testing and electric power.

Click here to view a safety escape system using our products. The glow in the dark safety products on display in this example, and the illumination that they provide in the event of electrical lighting failure, make a huge impact on the building's overall safety. Corridor walls and the direction to and location of safe exits are clearly visible. Without such guidance, people trapped in such a building may quickly become disorientated and begin to panic.

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